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 Storage & Boxes 

Peace of Mind Records Management segregates client records and does not disperse records across various locations.  Records are stored on solid racks within individually secured sections with generally no more than 250 "Banker" boxes in each section.  This design keeps records organized and secure while mitigating the potential of catastrophic events occurring across the entire facility.

The majority of our clients utilize 12.5" x 15.5" x 10.5" boxes with removable lids.  Boxes of varying dimensions are certainly acceptable; however, weight becomes an issue when larger boxes are packed full with paper documents.  Boxes should be no more than approximately 35-40 lbs a piece.  We sell various sizes of solid boxes at our facility.

Each box has an identification label that incorporates:

  -Box Number
  -Location Code
  -Contents Description

  -Final Disposition Date (if appropriate)

The Local Document Storage Solution: Simple, Safe & Affordable.

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