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Simple Solution, Straight-Forward & Affordable Pricing:

  • Flat Rate Per Box*
  • No Set-up or Termination Fees
  • No Monthly or Account Minimums

*Other record management companies may charge by the cubic foot.


            Our charge per box = $0.39
            Their average charge per cubic foot = $0.47 (about $0.57 per box as each box is approximately 1.2 cubic feet)

We suggest you utilize boxes with removable lids as these boxes allow stacking without crushing. We sell boxes for reduced prices.


Fee Schedule


Standard carton (approximate size: 12.5" x 15.5" x 10.5")1 $0.39 per carton per month
Non-standard carton (approximate size: 12" x 24" x 10")1 $0.69 per carton per month
Initial charge for pick-up and setup2 No Charge
Exit / termination fee3 No Charge
Charge for single pick-up or delivery per month4 No Charge
Charge for more than one pick-up or delivery per month4 $10.00 per occurrence
Mileage charge within 10 miles or less of the facility  No Charge
Mileage charge for greater than 10 miles of the facility  $0.59 per mile
Additional charge for an after-hours request (outside 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)5 $10.00 per occurrence
Rush pick-up or delivery (less than 24 hours)5 $10.00 per occurrence
Record destruction / elimination (i.e. shredding) service $10.00 per "man" hour
File organizing, indexing, boxing6 $10.00 per "man" hour
Boxes, materials, etc. Materials individually priced
1: Fee is by the carton/box.  Fee includes labeling.  There is no "one-time" startup fee or minimum fee.
2: An initial one-time fee per box for pick-up may be incurred if greater than 50 boxes being picked up.
3: A one-time fee per box may be charged upon storage termination and greater than 50 boxes being delivered.
4: No more than 5 boxes in a single "regular" no charge delivery.  Additional $5.00 per box charge for greater than 5 boxes.
5: No more than 2 boxes in a single "rush" / "after-hours" pick-up / delivery.  Additional $5.00 per box charge for greater than 2 boxes.
6: There is no charge for files already boxed and ready for storage.
The Local Document Storage Solution: Simple, Safe & Affordable.

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