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 Our Services 
Our clients are generally businesses with less than 500 boxes.  Too often smaller organizations get lost in the shuffle at large records management providers which inevitably leads to impersonal and inappropriate solutions.  It is not that these providers setout to provide inappropriate solutions or sub-par service, they simply are not designed to meet the unique needs of local small to mid-sized businesses.  In reality, meeting the needs of small businesses is one of the least cost-efficient ways for large records management providers to generate revenue; thus the needs and requirements of small businesses get brushed aside or "fit in" around the needs of larger, more profitable customers. 


Primary Services

  • Document & Records Management and Storage
  • Free Pick Up & Delivery of Needed Records
  • Records Organization / Indexing
  • Document Disposal & Destruction 
  • Electronic Document Transfer
  • Best Practices Information for Specific Industry Needs
  • Self-Storage Options
Pick Up & Delivery

Records are of no use if you cannot access them when you need them.  Peace of Mind Records Management provides prompt, usually within 24 hours, pickup and delivery services.  There is no charge for a single pickup / delivery of boxed records within our service area in a given month.  More than one pickup / delivery within a month will incur a $10 fee per occurrence.  Additionally, there is no distance fee if delivery is within a ten (10) mile radius of our facility; outside of a ten (10) mile radius of our facility will incur a distance fee of $0.59 per mile.

Rush delivery / pickup available for an additional $10 charge

The Local Document Storage Solution: Simple, Safe & Affordable.

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