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Document Destruction Services Include:

  • Shredding at your direction
  • We provide a destruction certificate, which will include a manifest of destruction
If you would prefer, we will deliver your boxes/files to you and you can destroy your own records.
Destruction of documents is as important as their storage. Paper documents which are past their respective required holding periods should not be retained in an organizations' achieved files.  Often files must be shredded or incinerated as they contain confidential information or sensitive data. Any paper with a social security number, a federal ID number or a client name on it must be shredded or incinerated.  A written list of files (both paper and electronic) to be destroyed should be reviewed prior destruction to take into account potential issues that may require information to be retained for a longer than usual retention period. Any exceptions to the established retention policy should be approved by management in writing on a document retention exception log.  To protect yourself from future legal exposure, destruction policy exclusions should be very limited and the reason should be clearly documented.  A list of files destroyed should be maintained permanently.
Where appropriate, customers should be notified in writing that the businesses' policy is to destroy files, and that they may request copies of any data contained therein subject to approval.
The Local Document Storage Solution: Simple, Safe & Affordable.

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